About Me

Welcome to PSVoice! My name is Pete and I’m an American professional voice over artist and announcer. Do you need a voice for your promo, ad, presentation, film, audio book or even just a simple answer message?  I can deliver!  I have a fully professional studio and equipment for any type of voice over.  I currently voice films and tv programs for major Russian television channels including: VGTRK Russia (My Planet, Nauka 2.0 and others) and I’ve done work for: Ilya Averbukh Productions, IQ Protocol, Studio Indigo/Channel 1 Russia, Russian Railways, BrandOn advertising, Dela Business Group, Big Time Films, Brave Films, APR Films,  Audi, Heineken, Kinder, Wrigley’s, Samsung, MEL Chemistry as well as many others throughout the world.  I am also the “Brand Voice” for Krasnoyarsk 2019 Winter Universiade.  I work with many studios throughout Russia, Europe and Asia. Let me help you captivate your customers, reach out to your audience and take your project to the next level!  Contact me:  plscott126@gmail.com  for more info  on how to make your project or event the best it can be!

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